• Delta Foremost Online Sales Training

    You have joined a highly successful corporation that is a pace setter in an exciting industry. You are in a company with many of our co-workers who have reached the high plateaus of success. There are no limitations on your earnings or your management potential.

    There is no substitute for planning, hard work, and the degree of persuasiveness or closing ability that you bring to your job.

    The purpose of this training program is to reinforce the attributes that you bring to us with product knowledge and our proven sales techniques.

    DThis training program initially targets the HOT 4. The first 3 weeks of your sales activity and training is focused on 5 products. FM 1553-ES Super Kleen, FM 651-ES Grill Brite, FM 4039-ES Versa Towels, FM 889-ES Debris Block and FM 3121-ES Dust Command. These are exceptionally good products that are readily demonstrable, and have a wide area of use. FM 889-ES Debris Block is a “jawbone” product.

    EThe next 3 weeks training brings 7 additional proven products into your sales arsenal. Always plan several calls on the days following your study of each new product so you can demonstrate and sell each item as you go. From this point on, we move into the line of our targeted markets and products in Section 1.

    LThis training program has been developed over a period of years. The information and learning techniques have been continuously refined and represent no great technical challenge, nor is the training particularly time consuming.

    TIt is in your best interest to milk every ounce that you can from this training. Start from the beginning with enthusiasm and maintain this verve, interest, and promptness throughout. The combination of product knowledge gained from the study program, along with demonstrations and consistency of our closing techniques will add up to your success in the field.

    AYou will note that a special emphasis is placed on demonstrations. We feel that no salesperson can be successful without them. Your Division Manager or trainer will discuss this training program in detail with you. Please follow it conscientiously.

  • Click the link below to begin. Each link takes you to a grouped segment. Read through each segment from top to bottom, completing any tests within before continuing on. Pre-Start must be completed prior to your first day with Delta Foremost.

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